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Ta’min Petroleum and Petrochemical Investment Co. (TAPPICO) is one of the subsidiaries of Social security Investment Co. (SSICO). It has had a rapid growth and development within a 13-year period. The company was first established with an initial capital of 10 million Rials in 2002. Now the total value of its assets is up to 187,000,000 million Rials.

With 32 management companies and subsidiaries in oil, gas, petrochemical, rubber and cellulose industries, TAPPICO owns a significant share in the country’s employment and production. Currently more than 18500 people are directly employed in TAPPICO Holding and its subsidiaries. Also with high variety of production in the member companies of this group, especially producing 10 out of 12 products in the global index of petrochemical products (IPEX), it is considered as one of the world’s top companies with diverse products.

Moreover, from 2007 to 2014, the company has had an average annual profitability of more than 80% which is indicative of the TAPPICO’s orientation towards sustainable development and rapid growth.

  With regard to the vast oil and gas reserves and expert workforce, the TAPPICO’s Board of Directors’ approach has been to extend investment in attractive areas of value chain of oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. The company aims to expand establishment of effective and win-win relations with national and international established companies for the purpose of joint investments; it also welcomes financing and other valuable offers for further effective cooperation.




















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