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Ta’min Petroleum and Petrochemical Investment Co. (TAPPICO) is a holding active in upstream industries of the petrochemical field, with the priority of methanol, olefins, and poly-olefins; also in the upstream sector of oil and gas industry, with priority of oil and gas production in shared fields; in downstream sector of oil industry with priority of Gas Condensate Refineries; establishment of petro Refineries and development of petrochemical feed units with the priority of NGL projects; it would also focus on downstream petrochemical sector with the priority of complementary products of value chain.

TAPPICO’s Investment in the gas, oil and petrochemical industries enjoys the features such as proximity to the coasts and export ports, concentration on gas feed, large-staleness, benefitting from the top production technologies and partnership with established national and international companies; so that it would be able to create higher attraction in the value chain.

Currently TAPPICO enjoys a highly diversified portfolio and leads different projects; it also has capability to: develop sustainable development in profitability; participate in big projects of the industry in the country; participate and finance the implementation of development projects with the cooperation of established international companies, inside and outside the country. TAPPICO has high (domestic and export) market share in the industry’s products; it has expertise and high holding capability in technical areas of the industry and project management, benefiting from new and modern tools of financing and high capability in research and strategic development in the industry, and regarding the other above-mentioned benefits, we try to reach our high objective. Pivotal priority of TAPPICO includes conducting economic activities with observance of the objectivity principle, transparency in performance, responsiveness and adherence to social responsibilities, with the aim of providing the highest value for the beneficiaries and establishment of sustainable development.








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