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The board of directors in Ta’min Petroleum and Petrochemical Investment Co. (TAPPICO) consists of 5 members who hold degrees in higher education and have valuable managerial experiences.








 Seyyed Emad Husseini, PhD

 Chairman of the Board

 Education/ Professional Degrees: Doctorate in Oil Engineering, Calegry University, Canada

 Work Experience:

  • Member of Parliament for Qorveh in the 7th and 8th Islamic Consultative Assembly
  • Spokesman of Iranian Parliament's Energy Commission
  • Faculty member and research deputy in the Institute for International Energy Studies
  • Member of Anti-Economic Corruption Headquarters
  • Deputy Oil Minister for Technical and Engineering Affairs


 Mohammad Hassan Peyvandi

 Managing Director and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

 Education/ professional degrees: Petrochemical engineering and Master of EMBA

 Working Experience:

  • the board of management at the National Petrochemical Company
  • Assistant Director of Planning and board member of the National Petrochemical Company

  • the 20th most powerful manager in world petrochemical sector in 2015

  • Secretary of the association of iran's Private Petrochemical



Gholam-Reza Gorzin, PhD.

 Member of the Board of Directors , vice president of supervising on sub companies

Education/ professional degrees: Doctorate

Working Experience:

  • Member of Parliament for Qaem-Shahr  in the 6th Islamic Consultative Assembly
  • Head of Evaluation and Inspection Department in Mazandaran Province
  • Board of Directors member in Sadr Ta’min Company


Hossien Aboeimehrizi

 Member of the Board of Directors


Islam Khosravi

Member of the Board of Directors , vice president of finance and economies

Education/professional degrees: Masters of Financial Management

Working Experience:

  • Economy, Production, Business, and Banking
  • Board of Directors member and Deputy Director of Finance & Administration in Saba Ta’min company







































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