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Due to its high financial investment ability, wide range of activities in oil, gas, petrochemical, tire, and cellulose industries, high market shares, and benefitting from various capacities of Social Security Investment Company, TAPPICO has great competitive advantages, among which we can refer to the following:

1- Positive outlook for TAPPICO's share prices upon completing the operation phase of projects, particularly the Persian Gulf Oil Star Refinery, with an annual sale of up to 7 Billion Euros (Based on assumed oil price of  70$ per barrel)

2- Sustainable outlook for continuation of profitability due to the existence of various projects worth more than 12 billion Euros

3- The most varied petrochemical portfolio with production of 10 out of 12 products listed in the global index of petrochemical products (IPEX),

4- Concentration of about 70% of the holding profit in methanol and poly-olefins units in line with the industry’s global orientations.

5- Concentration of about 60% of TAPPICO’s profit in petrochemical sector on gas-fed units; and up to 80% increase of JAM petrochemical units changing to 100% gas-based units.

6. Strategic benefits from establishment of most of petrochemical and refinery units in specialized petrochemical zones and export coast 

7. High market share in the industry’s products and high ability to participate in implementation of great projects.

8. TAPPICO’s unique transparency due to 90% share of stock companies in the benefits of investment.













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