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Ranked 17th in terms of net profit, ranked 35th in terms of operational profit, and ranked 97th in terms of sales among the world’s 100 top petrochemical companies according to ICIS 2014 report.

Ranked 2nd in terms of  value added, ranked 2nd in terms of profitability, ranked 4th in terms of exportation, ranked 5th in terms of market value, ranked 13th in terms of sales according to evaluation of 100 top companies (IMI100) in the year 2014. 

Ranked as the best investment holding company of Iran, in the first international conference on holding in Iran and received the medal and award of appreciation

Gaining top rank in terms of synergy in the 1st exhibition on “social security; investment and sustainable development”

Winning the Golden Statue of Iran's Top Companies (TOPEX) in the Second Gathering of TOPEX in 2014.




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