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Tappico signs MoU with PBG Oil and Gas Company of Poland

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CEO of Tappico, Mr AmirShaghaghi, ends his meeting sessions with PBG Poland by signing a memorandum of understanding regarding the oil, gas, and petrochemical sector. Based on this memorandum the two companies have declared their interest in exchanging expertise and knowledge in the fields of engineering and technological services, as well as investment and execution of several of the projects handled by Tappico subsidieries in Iran, Poland, and third party countries.

According to the articles in the memorandum, the Polish company is obligated to participate in several managerial projects of Tappico including PetroSina, Pars Machinery, FrameCo, Takin Co, and Negahdasht Karan as a joint venture, and also to attract investors in the sector in  cooperation with their partners such as Egzone Mobile, Ziemens,and  Shell. The Polish company of PBG is also obligated to provide raw materials for the feed of cellulose, plastic, and tire sectors in partnership with other Polish companies.



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