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Tappico Signs MoU with
Tappico Signs MoU with Akpan Oil CompanyLLP of Kazakistan

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Tamin Petroleum and Petrochemical Company ends the Business and Investment Opportunities Conference by signing a memorandum of understand with Kazakistan. According to Tappico public relations, this memorandum was signed as a gesture of good will prior to the scheduled visit of Noor Sultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakistan, to Tehran. This memorandum is a declaration of interest from Akpan LLP for the mutual finding and execution of projects in Iran, Kazakistan and other countries in central Asia, in cooperation with their partners in drilling, mining, petrochemicals, export of technological and engineering services, marketing and sales of products being manufactured by subsidieries under Tappico.
Aside from the above mentioned MoU, the visitation of Kazaki president resulted in the signing of 56 additional memorandums between the two countries which are mostly consisting of mutual cooperation between the two nations in various sectors such as metallurgy, mining, agriculture, transportation, tourism, science and technology, and medical fields.
The purpose of the visit from Kazaki president to Iran was to improve the mutual financial and business relations between the two nations. The minutes of the meetings was said to have been mainly focused on discussions regarding the liberation of obtaining visas for business men in both countries with emphasis on the importance of mutual cooperation in oil, gas, petrochemical, agriculture, and also science and technology sectors.
The meetings were announced to have contained some discussions regarding the legalities of the Caspian coast, environmental issues, and the development and expansion of nautical logistics and tourism in the region as well.





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