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Mohammad Hassan Peyvandi :"My mission is crating a better future for TAPPICo"
The New CEO of TAPPICo has been appointed

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This morning, July 31st 2016, former CEO of TAPPICo, Mr. Ghomalreza AmirShaghaghi, was valedicted and his replacement Mr. Mohammad Hassan Peyvandi was appointed into the position in an official ceremony, witnessed by the managerial staff of Tamin Petroleum and Petrochemical Company and other managers and CEOs from SSICO. This ceremony was hosted in the general assembly room at TAPPICo holdings.

Mr. Peyvandi (Eng.) not only has the many years of experience in management through his position on the board of management at the National Petrochemical Company and his executive position in the department of strategic planning, but also in 2001, he was elected as the top engineer of the nation in petrochemicals by the Islamic Republic Institute of Science and Culture. ICIS International has elected him the 20th most powerful manager in world petrochemical sector in 2015.

In the aforementioned ceremony, which included the special representative of TSSCo President, Mr. Amirshaghashi spoke of his achievements in his 10 months of office as CEO of Tappico, having thanked his staff and all those who helped him in his endeavours, wished good fortune and constant success for the his replacement.



Afterwards, SSICO CEO, Mr. Norouzzadeh, started his speech by emphasizing “a developmental overview is mandated to an overview of the collective wisdom” and continued with a summary of his future plans for the company, including the necessity of publicly traded stocks for holdings such as Tappico, which would promote and create more wealth in turn. He concluded his speech by saying he has a serious objective to fulfill in making subordinate holdings hold a majority share of the national raw material productions, and attract foreign investment.

In continuation, the newly appointed CEO began his speech by introducing his professional background in the petrochemical sector and his personal achievements as an educator, and announced that his mission would be “creating a better future for TAPPICO”. He holds a development-oriented approach, especially when it comes to human resources, ‘I shall do my utmost best in safekeeping and protecting the assets of TAPPICo as it belongs to a most hardworking population of this society’ he added and emphasized on keeping with production standards under every circumstance, based on his unwavering belief in the managerial instructions of the supreme leader, specially his emphatic orders on resistance economy and preventing the sales of raw materials, his announced his goals as follows in order: expense control and increasing productivity, safety priority, speeding the operation of projects, development and renewal of production units based on the latest technologies and technological advancements in the sectors, and attention to the importance of education.

He followed his announcement with a brief overview of his long term plans such as speeding up the operation on the Persian Gulf Star Refinery Grand Project, changes to increase the quality of managerial meetings, solving subordinate problems and financial issues as of March 2017. “In order to achieve our goals, we are ready to have a guided cooperation with organizations, governmental units and other institution” he added. He finished his speech by saying ‘I believe in the collective wisdom and it is based on this belief that I have presented my completed overview plans to the SSICo”.

As the closing notes to this ceremony, SSICo CEO, Dr. Norouzzadeh, thanked and valedictated former TAPPICo CEO Mr. Amirshaghaghi and appointed Mr. Peyvandi as his permanent replacement.



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