Abadan Petrochemical Company

INDUSTRY : Petrochemical
نوع مالکیت : مدیریتی
Address : Mirdamad blv-north naft-Second Street - Number 6
TEL : 10-22253004-021
FAX : 10-22253004-021
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شرکت پتروشیمی آبادان
آخرین اخبار شرکت پتروشیمی آبادان
خبری یافت نشد
معرفی شرکت

In late 1963 the French institute of petroleum was commissioned by the planning and budgeting organization to do comprehensive studies about the location of establishing petrochemical industries in Iran. The studies were followed by National Iranian Oil Company. Afterwards, these studies led to establishment of Abadan Petrochemical Company (joint-stock company) with 74% share of national petrochemical company and 26% share of the American B.F. GOODRICH Company.

The construction contract was left to the American LUMMUS Company in 1966 and it officially came into operation in 1969 to produce 20000 TPY P.V.C. 10000 TPY D.D.B. and 24000 TPY Caustic Soda. In 1975 P.V.C. production capacity was expanded to 60000 TPY.

During the years between 1980 and 1988 the complex was shut down due to outbreak of Iran-Iraq war and all the production facilities were mainly destroyed during the 8-years war. After the end of imposed war, Abadan Petrochemical Company was reconstructed by professional staff of the complex.

In 2005 the P.V.C.  Production capacity was increased to 60000 MTPY. The complex’s future development project is aimed at reaching the P.V.C. production of about 110000 TPY.

One of the advantages of Abadan petrochemical company which distinguishes it from other petrochemical companies is the variety of its products; the professionals and experts of this complex have achieved this benefit through conducting many researches and studies. Abadan Petrochemical Company has two Polyvinyl Chloride (P.V.C) production units; and P.V.C. as raw materials for the plastics industry will be able to produce different grades of this product and launch to national and international markets

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