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Address : No 101,West Hoveyze St,North Suhrawardi Ave, Tehran, Iran
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Barez Industrial Group:

was established in the year 1980, to construct a factory for producing passenger car / truck / agricultural vehicles tire, tube, and flaps, on the outskirts of Kerman city (25th km - Jupar road) to coincide with the beginning of reconstruction after years of war, and by using local forces in Kerman Province, to create jobs in a deprived region while empowering and industrially upgrading the area and the country. For the realization of this end, it attracted a team of Iranian tire industry experts and for the first time, a tire manufacturing factory was designed by Iranian specialists. Moreover, the company imported the best tire manufacturing technology to the country, and after the purchase and installation of equipments and training of personnel, started to supply its products to the country’s markets. Due to the updated knowledge and machinery, as well as employing young and educated forces, in a short while the company's products in the consumer market gained a privileged status relative to other competitors. The company, under the rubric of Kerman Tire Industries Complex, started production in 1992 with an annual capacity of 25000 tons tires manufactured by Bias Technology, in an area of 60,000 square meters, In the next years, it continued under the name "Barez Industrial Group", and with the expansion of its production capacity to 36,000 tons, decided to move towards excellence and with the purpose of ranking first in the Iranian tire industry, concluded a 10-year industrial cooperation contract with German Continental Co. to import the production technology of radial tires. By the fulfillment of the contract, and addition of steel belt radial passenger car production line with 26 MT per year capacity and production line of All steel truck / bus tires with a capacity of 10 thousand tons (for the first time in Iran), the production capacity of Barez Co. increased to 77 thousand tons.

In this line, Barez Industrial Group is going to develop the existing All steel truck radial lines with 13,000 tons capacity, and development of production lines for passenger car radial tire with 22,000 tons capacity, and construct a new plant in Kurdistan Province with 44,000 tons capacity, to increase its final production capacity to 140,000 tons/year. Also in recent years, with the aim of improving the product mix, the Group has managed to design and manufacture a variety of radial passenger car tires, radial truck tires, commercial radial tires, SUV tires, agricultural tires, and road-making tires, and has successfully introduced them to the consumer market.

Nowadays, Barez is aimed at increasing the amount of consumers’ access to its products and improve after-sales services. It has carried out a variety of development plans in order to improve the tire distribution network and after-sales services network, and through over 310 agencies, offers its products to the market. Based on the development of Internet and cell phone in the country, the company has designed several schemes in the field of e-marketing and customer relationship management and is promoting them.

Another activity of Barez in recent years includes increasing the social responsibilities accountability. In the past three years, the company has sponsored Asian black bear protection project and with the purpose of the proper use of the tire, and reducing tire-related incidents and pollution, has launched training sessions as educational seminars for tire service centers and has carried out educational programs for drivers of passenger cars, trucks, etc. in the framework of being represented in consumer centers,

Also, the group, with the aim of improving the level of quality control in recent years, has developed tire test centers and research labs, and by importing technical know-how of Spanish EDADA Company, attempted to set up a car / tire test field in 2013.

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 Barez Companies Group

At the meantime, with the aim of creating more value in the supply chain, Barez has purchased stocks, set up partnerships and launched several factories.

List of these factories are presented below:

  • Tire production factories: Kerman Barez Tire and Kurdistan Barez Tire
  • Purchasing shares of Simorq Industrial Soot Co.
  • Purchasing stocks of Iran Tire Industries Engineering & Research Co.
  • Barez Saman tire distribution company ownership
  • Ownership and updating the Sirjan tire coating factory
  • Purchasing Simorq Commercial stocks
معرفی محصولات
Products capacity KTA) Input Licenses
Bios Tire 31 Rubber and yam Dena Rubber
Passenger Car Radial Tire 66 SBR and Wire Continental
Passenger Car Bias Tire 27.5 NBR and Wire Continental





Main applications:

Bios tire: Agriculture, Loading, Bus, and Road Construction Machinery

Radial riding tire: Regular Cars

Radial loading tire: Regular Cars