Fanavaran Petrochemical Company

INDUSTRY : Petrochemical
نوع مالکیت : مدیریتی
Address : No.18, Shahid Palizovani St. (7th), South Gandi Ave., Tehran, Iran
TEL : 88884043-021
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Fanavaran Petrochemical Company, was established in May of 1998 and registered under the no. 139602 at the Company Registration and Industrial Possession Office.
FNPC is active in manufacturing, start up, and utilization of Methanol, Acetic Acid, and Carbon Monoxide units for the exports, petrochemical industry, and downstream industries. This is consistent with objectives and macro policies of the industry on exportation, employment, transference of technical knowledge, training professional human resources, and production of high grade petrochemical products from the natural gas.
This company is located in the south-west of Islamic Republic of Iran within the Special Petrochemical Economic Zone of Imam Khomeini Port in an area of 25 acres on the coast of Persian Gulf.
Methanol, Acetic Acid, Carbon Monoxide are the products produced at FNPC.

Mission and Vision
Fanavaran Petrochemical Company, as a leading manufacturer of methanol and acetic acid, which preserves and expands development of production capacity, plays a pivotal role in development of the petrochemical industry in the country.
Fanavaran Petrochemical Company, relying on young and expert human resources, modern management systems, advanced technologies, and high productivity level, offers its products in domestic and export markets, in order to achieve maximum profit and meet the stakeholders’ expectations.
Being a pioneer in the petrochemical industry as one of the top producers, is on the top priority list of this company’s agenda of the future.


The company’s Fundamental values:
-Optimal use of the national capitals
- Responsiveness and respect for the beneficiaries
-Individual and social accountability
-Preserving the moral and religious values and also respecting the human dignity
- Engagement and commitment of managers, employees and other stakeholders
_Enhancement of creativity, self- actualization, innovation, and exercising common sense
_Employees self-confidence in line with globalization of  the company’s brand .
_Growing increase in customer’s satisfaction

مکان نمای دفتر تهران :
تهران - خيابان گاندي جنوبي - خيابان شهيد پاليزواني (هفتم) - پلاك 18