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Persian Gulf Star Oil Company

Industry : Gas & Oil
Property Type : Affiliates
Address : Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery, 13 km to Bandar Abbas ,Bandar Abbas
Tel : +98 76 31310000
Fax : +98 76 31313131
Refinery Products
% 11
Share Of Production In Iran
شرکت نفت ستاره خلیج فارس
Company Introduction

Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery:

Managing funds, operating and maintaining the gas condensate, refinery and in the current situation, the refiner is considered the world’s largest gas condensate refinery and has a capacity of 360.000 barrels feed of the South Pars Common Field has 3 120.000 barrels per day. It should be noted that the Persian Gulf gas condensate refinery as the Iranian green refinery and the main supplier of the country’s fuel basket maintain gas extraction operation from the common area of South Pars, as well as to reduce the country’s environment pollution and self-sufficiency in the provision of strategic gasoline products. And despite the fact that it has turned the county from an importer of gasoline to its potential exporter in accordance with Euro S, it has also considered sustainable employment and security in Hormozgan province.

Persian Gulf Star Refinery at a Glance

Total refinery area: 730 hectares.

Geographical location: 25 kilometers west of Bandar Abbas.

Record of nearly 201 million working hours in 3 phase of the refinery.


Shareholders of different time










National Iranian Oil Refinery and Distribution Company





Spc Company of Indonesia





Pension funds for Petroleum industry





Tamin Petroleum & Petrochemical Investment Company


Implementation Consortium

Partnership Golden group, SNAM PROJECTTY, South Tehran and Bina


Partnership of South Tehran 60% and Bina 40%


Partnership of plateau’s Energy Planning 90%, South Tehran 6% and Bina 4%



Company Product Introduction

Main products

  • LPG (3million liters per day)
  • Gasoline (47 million liters per day)
  • Jet fuel (2 million liters per day)
  • Nafta gas (12 million liters per day)

Side Products

  • Sulfur (130 tons per day)
  • Hydrogen (425 tons per day)

Power Supply

Gas turbines: Seven 40 MW Torbin with a total

Capacity of 250 MW

Steam turbines: Two 57 MW turbines with a total

Capacity of 114 MW

Mains power: 25 Mw DIMAND

Tube Length

Km Tube 388

Diameter: 36 inches

Area of Asalouyeh pumping station: 3 hectares

Number of elector pumps: Four

Tracking devices: Three provinces of Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan, in the region of severe transportation feed capacity: 500 thousand barrels and expandable to 840 thousand barrels on the day.

Steam Supply

Industrial boiler: three units with a capacity of 273 tons per hour Combined.

Cycle boiler: seven units with a capacity of 120 tons per hour.

Sea Water Supply

The country’s second largest catchment

Area: 3 hectares

Capacity: 200.000 cubic meters per hour water requirement of 80.000 cubic meters Sea-to-catch pipeline: 4 pipelines with a length of 1.5 kilometers and 88-inch dimeter pipeline.

To the refinery: Two 88-inch pipelines of 6 kilometers.

Freshwater production: 12 thousand cubic meters per day.
Main Office Location
Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery, 13 km to Bandar Abbas ,Bandar Abbas